Mission Statement

Inspired by our faith, Saint Frances of Rome School provides the intellectual and moral foundation for children to become saints and scholars, disciples of Christ and leaders in the community.

With enlightened minds and zealous hearts, we will change the world.

Pillars of Excellence

Catholic Spirit
Students are called to become holy by witnessing to the Gospel message. They learn the traditions of the Catholic Church in order to help them grow in their faith. Students and staff are actively involved in the life of the parish, attending the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist in conjunction with their involvement in the various parish organizations.
Academic Excellence
Saint Frances of Rome School is a beacon of excellence in the western suburbs. Students are challenged to acquire knowledge and pursue truth. Saint Frances of Rome offers academic programs that inspire the intellect and maximize the potential of each student to gain the requisite knowledge, concepts, and skills to become thinking, productive, responsible citizens.
Collaborative Leadership
Saint Frances of Rome is in the business of developing human potential. We value our staff as the lifeblood of the school. Saint Frances of Rome is a sought after teaching institution that exemplifies the highest professional standards and innovative instructional practices. Faculty and students alike are challenged to assume leadership roles, not only in the school, but in the parish and community as well.
Community Focus
Saint Frances of Rome is committed to fostering an informed community where all members feel heard, supported and involved. Involved parents will serve as catalysts to unite the community in support of education.
Saint Frances of Rome is a just and inclusive community in which people from different cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds learn, live and work harmoniously with mutual respect and without compromising their beliefs and identities.
Commitment to Service
Students, parents and staff are filled with a time-honored devotion to the Catholic tradition. Together we share a common belief that we have each been created for a reason. As members of our faith community, we readily acknowledge God’s generous gifts as evidenced by the many talents and skills we unselfishly share in the Christian service of others.


Saint Frances of Rome School is an integral part of the parish community. Adherent to Catholic tradition and rooted in gospel values, we strive to create an educational environment enriched by faith and committed to social justice.

The school shares with members of the Parish a sacramental relationship to Jesus Christ. We endeavor to create a strong Catholic community that provides multiple opportunities for the faculty, students and their families to develop and share their faith, with the expectation that they will become active members and leaders in the Church.

We strive for academic excellence, believing that children learn best when they are involved in diversified learning activities. The faculty of Saint Frances of Rome School provides curriculum and educational strategies that will enable students to reach their full potential academically, and make them morally responsible citizens of a global society.

We strive to foster a sense of community built on respect in both actions and words within the entire student body, as well as the school faculty and staff. At Saint Frances of Rome School, we recognize the unique qualities of each individual student while striving to obtain a unity of spirit and purpose.
Together We Can!
¡Juntos Podemos!

Beyond the School Day

Our Before and After Care Programs are staffed by SFR teachers and staff. They offer tutoring, homework help, computers, and snacks. In addition there are many other after-school activities like Yearbook, Video Production, and Student Council.

Our Athletic program offers soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, and softball. There is also scouting programs available for both boys and girls.

All of our after-school activities are designed to keep students engaged in organized activities that will assist in their continued growth and development.

Liturgy and Sacraments

As a Catholic School, Liturgy and Sacraments are an integral part of our school. All-School Masses are celebrated weekly. All grades begin and end the day with prayer. Special liturgies are attended at various times during the school year. First Reconciliation and First Communion are normally celebrated in Second Grade, or by special arrangement.

Meals Program

St. Frances of Rome School serves hot lunch each school day through the Archdiocesan Lunch Program. Breakfast is also available. Cost of the program depends on family income.


St. Frances of Rome School is an Illinois State-recognized institution. All teachers are certified with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and several have Masters Degrees.

St. Frances boasts a full academic curriculum. Subjects covered are Mathematics, Reading, Spelling, English, Social Studies, Science, and Religion. In addition, Art, Music, and Physical Education are also part of the students' regular weekly study cycle.

Technology is integrated into the curriculum via our 30-unit, networked computer lab with a high-speed internet connection. Our 11,000 volume school library is computer catalogued for fast, easy access by students and staff.

School Prayer

Lord God, called Father, by your divine son, Jesus Christ, we rejoice in the blessings bestowed upon our ministry of Catholic Education here at St. Frances of Rome. We call upon you once more to bless our teachers and staff with your grace so that they may continue to teach and serve as Jesus taught and served, with love and compassion, authority and wisdom.
May you nurture the seeds of faith and knowledge in our students
with the grace of the Holy Spirit so that they may blossom with a vision of service, a heart with compassion, a faith-filled spirit,  an appreciation of the unity and diversity of our nation and a well developed mind.
We pray that the Holy Family of our Lord Jesus,
His Mother, Mary most holy, and His Foster Father, St. Joseph, may be the example of parenting our families may follow in love. May the parents of our school walk in your light always, guiding their children with Christian values, loving embraces, character building modeling and solid educational goals.
We pray this with grateful hearts in the name
of our Savior Jesus Christ.